OsenXPSuite 2008 Enterprise Edition

OsenXPSuite 2008 Enterprise Edition 2011.05

Smart user interface for Visual Basic 6.0 Developers
2011.05.20 (See all)

Novice programmers can use OsenXPSuite 2008 to create a fully functional database browser just writing a single line of code. Professional developers can use the OsenXPSuite 2008 control's many properties, methods and events to create sophisticated and user-friendly database or non-database front-end applications. For over 5 years OsenXPSuite is helping developers like you create sleek professional user interfaces with unparalleled ease.
These and many other unique and "developer-friendly" features make OsenXPSuite 2008 the absolute essential tool for user interface development and has been prepared for cutting your development time drastically. By that reasons, I invite you to download the fully functional free trial version of the activex control and start integrating OsenXPSuite 2008 controls into one of your existing programs right away. Download it now!
Why you should use OsenXPSuite 2008 ?
* A complete development tool
* Easy to use and versatile
* High performance
* Reasonable price
* Stable code
* Small footprint (less than 3MB)

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